Emergency Bushfire and COVID-19 Response

What is Homes for Good?

Home Hub has released its new initiative Homes for Good, a coordinated and whole-of-community response to the increased housing crisis presented by the bushfires and COVID-19.

We’re helping to provide a key part of the bushfire and COVID-19 housing response – making any unused homes and accommodation (including commercial space), available for landlords who can manage it, for people who need a safe places to stay.

Bush Fire Emergency Evacuation

Did you know that:

  • at least 8,000 hectares of land has been destroyed
  • at least 81 homes have been destroyed
  • hundreds of homes have been damaged and/or are unsafe
  • hundreds of people have been evacuated and the number is growing every hour.

How can you help

Homes for Good is an initiative that asks people who have vacant or under-utilised housing to consider providing their homes to people who need housing support.

Did you know that at the time of the last WA census there were:

  • Over 204,000 empty homes

Yet there are

  • Over 60,000 households (individuals and families) in need of safe and affordable homes

During the bushfires and COVID-19, this worsening crisis is about to get much, much worse for us all in WA.

Why Homes for Good?

You can save lives and help our heroes responding to the bushfires and COVID-19 in WA

To save lives in our communities, it’s important that we all play a role in making sure that all people in WA have safe spaces to go right now – both short-term accommodation and longer-term homes.

As a non-profit and charitable organisation, we developed Home Hub so that we could all work together as a WA community to improve housing and end homelessness. As a local and creative solution in WA, Home Hub can be used to manage Homes for Good – an opportunity for us all to work together to respond to emergency housing crises.

How are you doing that?

Home Hub normally provides a 24/7 housing advertising service and crisis services directory. We’ll continue to advertise homes and accommodation that we normally do, for example for people with disability.

However, because of the bushfire and COVID-19 crisis, we need something innovative and creative to save lives – a new ‘coordinated matching service’. Our aspirations to advertise homes to people in need hasn’t changed, however, to respond to our current crisis we need a complimentary, well-managed and successful ‘coordinated matching service’.

That means that you may not ‘see’ all of the amazing work, accommodation and efforts being coordinated by Home Hub to support the incredible efforts of property owners and managers, to house those most vulnerable and those responding to COVID-19. We’ll do our best to share information, stories and key milestones through our website and our social media, but please know – together we are saving lives right now.

What can I do during the bushfire and COVID-19 crisis to help with housing and homelessness?

The platform is asking for the WA community to be part of a coordinated response by submitting:

  • Homes for Good: any vacant or available properties, including houses, unused holiday homes, hotel rooms, short-term rental properties and commercial space.
  • Management capacity: including community housing providers, property managers, government departments, hoteliers and self/private managers.
  • Housing need: Anyone requiring safe accommodation but not a lot of support services, including seniors, low-income earners, people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, anyone fleeing unsafe environments such as family and domestic abuse, as well as anyone needing to move or find accommodation as a result of COVID-19.

Please note, as a crisis response we are asking people to ‘get started’ and submit a home, their landlord management capacity, or their need for housing.

Once you’ve told us how you can help, or what you need, we’ll send you an instant email with the relevant and appropriate information, resources and tools to help save lives and contribute to Homes for Good.

Who are you working with?

We are working with those people who need to access homes and accommodation that don’t need much support or help.

This is where our unique partnerships with landlords across WA who can self-manage their property, or help you manage your property come in handy. They can manage homes so that they are used for good by both owners and by tenants.

Please don’t worry, we’re also working with expert partners as part of a coordinated response to help those most chronic street homeless, those at risk of serious harm including child abuse and family and domestic violence, and those with complex social challenges to find accommodation that is commissioned by the government.

What else can you I do to help?

You don’t need to own a home, be a manager of housing and accommodation, or be someone who needs a home or accommodation to be a part of Homes for Good.

We all need to know that we are strong, creative, and collaborative as a WA community. This is important during a crisis – when those people around us who need our help more than ever are relying on us. Homes for Good is an opportunity for us all to come together and help in so many ways.

You can have a role in supporting the life-saving initiative by:

  1. Sharing with us – post your own or share our ‘stuff’ including blog posts, happy stories, and our social media posts. Like us, follow us, and be a part of saving lives locally in WA.
  2. Digital marketing banners and links – we have digital banners and links that you can put on your websites and your digital marketing newsletters, on your social media and in your windows etc. Be a part of Homes for Good, show your support, help your staff and consumers/users, help to save lives in simple ways.
  3. Donations – Homes for Good is run by a new social enterprise and their volunteers. We are a community-led solution, established by people in WA who weren’t paid to do so for 12 months, because they know how it feels to need a home.

As a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, any donations made to Home Hub that are over $2 will be tax exempt. If you would like to donate to Home Hub, Homes for Good and the effort to save lives through a coordinated housing and homelessness response, click here.

Where can I get information or advice on my rights and responsibilities?

For more information on housing and accommodation rights and responsibilities, tools and resources, and to access legal advice please contact the WA Department of Commerce.