About The Home Hub

The Home Hub offers a hand up, not a handout. It’s a place to find or advertise social and affordable housing, allowing landlords to list properties easily, and people to apply for safe, secure homes quickly.

In our current system, eligible applicants can wait up to eight years to get into suitable housing. Over 60,000 households need social and affordable homes in WA, yet despite the overwhelming need for housing, 1 in 6 homes nationally remain underutilised.

The Home Hub offers an inclusive platform with a vision to reduce wait times, make affordable housing more accessible, and benefit landlords’ bottom lines.

Who is The Home Hub for?

Landlords and housing providers
Vacant properties hurt the bottom line. Without tenants you don’t receive rent, homes sit empty and property conditions deteriorate.

The Home Hub allows you to advertise properties directly to people searching for a home.

People looking for a safe, secure and affordable home
The Home Hub allows people to search, choose and apply for a new home quickly and easily.

People who benefit from using The Home Hub are:

  • On the housing waitlist, or have been refused from the waitlist
  • Experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness
  • Living with a disability
  • Living in unaffordable housing, paying more than 30% of household income on rent
  • Looking for a safe, affordable and longer-term home
  • In need of crisis or urgent housing services

Who created The Home Hub?

Hygge Community Life
Hygge Community Life (HCL) is a not-for-profit organisation focused on positive disruption and reform of Australia’s housing system.

Working across industries and sectors, HCL is looking to improve housing as a means of tackling social disadvantage and poverty, including addressing issues affecting homelessness, family and domestic violence, disability and mental health, seniors/older people, young people at risk, and low income families.

While we aim to positively disrupt current service systems, we are working closely with state government to ensure they play a key role in reform. HCL is proud to have the support of a number of the peak bodies for housing and homelessness.

Iain Shields
HCL’s founding director has over 10 years experience in the housing, social service and community development industries across the UK and Australia. Having worked in the not-for-profit, local and state government, and private sectors, Iain has a unique insight into the legislative, policy and contract context of the housing and social services.

Iain has served on multiple boards, committees and panels and is currently:

  • a committee member of Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) of WA
  • board director for Hygge Community Life Limited, and
  • a committee member and volunteer youth coach for Mindarie Football Club

Iain can provide:

  • workshops and coaching in community engagement and development
  • strategic consultation and design of programs or services, and
  • public speaking engagements, including conferences

Get Involved

Here are some simple ways to be involved with The Home Hub and help us grow:

Use The Home Hub
This one’s easy! The more people advertising and searching for homes, the greater capacity we have to attract funders and create a sustainable model for housing system change. If you’re a landlord or housing provider, advertise with us. If you’re searching for a home or know someone who is, use The Home Hub to find and apply.

As a not-for-profit, HCL is able to offer tax-exempt donations. Visit our Donate page, or contact us to discuss partnerships and funding opportunities.

Subscribe and Share
Talk about us to your family, friends, colleagues and community members. If you would like a stack of our informative flyers for your reception or waiting area, let us know.

Collaborate and Partner with The Home Hub
Working with us expands our combined capacity for grant applications and stakeholder engagement, and provides your organisation with a unique approach to design, deliver and evaluate impact. Contact us about your idea to collaborate.