About Home Hub

Home Hub offers a hand up, not a handout. It’s a place to find or advertise affordable housing, allowing landlords to list properties easily, and people to apply for safe, secure and affordable homes quickly.

In our current system, people can wait up to eight years to get into suitable housing. Over 194,000 people in WA need access to affordable homes, yet despite the overwhelming need for housing, many homes and accommodation across WA remain underutilised.

Home Hub offers an inclusive platform with a vision to reduce wait times for housing, make affordable housing more accessible and benefit landlords’ bottom lines.

Who is Home Hub for?

All Landlords, housing providers, and agencies

Vacant and underutilised accommodation costs you money and hurts the bottom line. Without tenants, you don’t receive rent, homes sit empty and property conditions deteriorate.

Home Hub allows you to advertise properties directly to thousands of people searching for an affordable home.

People looking for a safe, secure and affordable home

Home Hub allows people to search, choose and apply for a new home quickly and easily.

People who benefit from using Home Hub are:

  • Community service providers working with people who need access to affordable housing
  • Experiencing a state of emergency or crisis such as fire, flood, cyclone or pandemic
  • From the private rental market and experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness for the first time
  • On the social housing waitlist, or refused from the social housing waitlist
  • Living with disability, including mental health
  • Living in unaffordable housing, paying more than 30% of household income on rent
  • Looking for a safe, affordable and longer-term home because of their age, their employment, or because of a change of life circumstances such as family and domestic violence or non-violent relationship breakdowns

Who created Home Hub?

Iain Shields is the Manager, Home Hub and has over 15 years of experience in the housing, social service and community development industries across the UK and Australia. Having worked in the not-for-profit, local and state government, and private sectors, Iain has a unique insight into the legislative, policy, contract and service delivery context of housing and social services.

As a social purpose driven leader and change maker, Iain has taken Home Hub from an innovative concept to a contemporary service. He has experience with multiple boards, committees and panels – from national industry associations and peak bodies to his local community football club.

Home Hub Consulting

Home Hub Consulting supports mission-driven organisations to design and develop innovative, contemporary initiatives and approaches to housing services.

With a unique blend of social entrepreneurism, academic and grassroots research, and housing and social service system expertise, our tailorable consulting service covers four key areas:

  1. Storytelling and motivational public speaking and mentoring engagements, such as conferences, corporate and workforce events, public events and personal or team mentoring
  2. Service design (new service models) and redesign (redesigning existing service models)
  3. Workforce development, upskilling and capacity building, including training workshops and courses, mentoring and coaching
  4. Strategic development and growth, from starting a social impact business to scaling and growing businesses