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James Butterworth

James Butterworth

Board Director

Home is absolutely crucial. In addition to supporting the basic necessities of life (such as shelter, safety, sleep, stability and an opportunity to wash), home is a fundamental human right and a key determinant of health. Home is also the means to fundamental ‘higher order’ ends including esteem, belonging and personal fulfilment, and helps individuals, families and communities to prosper and lead rewarding lives.

James has established capabilities in areas including community development, housing (including community housing and Aboriginal housing), stakeholder engagement, planning and emergency management. Supported by a PhD in psychology and a background in social research, James has built up expertise in service delivery in diverse metropolitan, rural, and remote settings nationally.


Keziah Holdsworth

Board Director at Hygge

Being a part of The Home Hub represents an opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life so that they can feel safe in their own home and be part of a caring, inclusive community. Keziah has a mixed heritage and is proud to call herself an Australian with an Indigenous/Asian heritage, and originally hails from Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Keziah is continually inspired by the passion, resilience and strength of others in both her professional and volunteer work, and is motivated to channel this energy into supporting The Home Hub to achieve its goals.

Keziah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a Board Director. She is caring and passionate about the needs of others and is no stranger to representing the interests of the underdog. This is reflected in her work as a personal injury lawyer, particularly as an abuse lawyer fighting for the rights of survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. She also has a background in workers’ compensation insurance.

Keziah’s insurance background and passion for helping people, as well as her valuable personal insights from working with a number of stakeholders in the course of her professional and volunteer work, has brought unique and valuable perspectives to The Home Hub.

Justine Colyer

Justine Colyer

Board Director at Hygge

What home means to me:

I’ve moved around a lot so I make sure that wherever I am at the time, that’s my home. It’s about having a few comfortable things around me and find things to love in the local area.

Why I am a Board Director:

On being a board director, as a good friend says… if you have the capacity, you have the responsibility. It’s also just really good fun, rewarding and you get to work with some great people.

Our Team

Iain Shields


HCL’s founding director has over 10 years experience in the housing, social service and community development industries across the UK and Australia. Having worked in the not-for-profit, local and state government, and private sectors, Iain has a unique insight into the legislative, policy and contract context of the housing and social services.

Cat Exham

Housing Pathways Facilitator

Cat Exham is a Housing Pathways Facilitator with The Home Hub. Originally from Balingup, raised in Walyalup. Life and work experience, and a drive to create positive social impact is what brought Cat to her role with The Home Hub.

“After travelling around Australia and searching for a place to call home, I found it right where I left it. Home wasn’t simply a physical place. For me it was a place where I felt connected to my community.”

Why The Home Hub is important to me

A life altering health event shifted my perspective. For a time, I lost the ability to walk, and with it, the ability to work. I owned a restaurant. Embarrassingly, my own restaurant didn’t meet accessibility standards. My whole life changed, and with it my housing needs changed too. I started looking for accessible housing and found that there were limited options, and none in my price range. Having a health condition was new for me and I wasn’t aware of any of the supports that were available to me. I was lucky. The strength came back to my legs, and I regained the ability to walk. I also had family support, and friends who were able to help. I felt a lot of stress about the unknowns, but deep down I knew that I would be cared for by my community.

A privilege many go without.

As I look at our housing needs register, I see pleas from people who have experienced similar or worse. People without family or peer support, who have lost the ability to work, are on a social housing wait list that is 16,000 applications strong, have lost their home due to a natural disaster, their rent may have increased beyond what they can afford and they can’t secure a new lease. Creating a safety net that can catch people as they slip, before they fall is needed. The Home Hub started with an idea; an Affordable Housing Marketplace – connecting people with housing pathways and hopefully changing the housing landscape in WA for the better.