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Be a part of Home Hub’s affordable housing movement. Here are some simple ways to contribute to the movement and help us grow:


As a not-for-profit we’re able to offer tax-exempt donations. Visit our Donate page, or contact us to discuss partnerships and funding opportunities.

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Collaborate and Partner with Home Hub

Working with us expands our combined capacity for grant applications and stakeholder engagement, and provides your organisation with various ways to contribute and benefit from our affordable housing movement.

From inviting us to talk about our affordable housing movement or housing and homelessness, to ordering a stack of informative flyers for your reception or waiting area, let us know your ideas about collaborating with Home Hub.

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Use The Home Hub

This one’s easy! The more people advertising and searching for homes, the greater capacity we have to attract funders and create a sustainable model for housing system change. If you’re a landlord or housing provider, advertise with us. If you’re searching for a home or know someone who is, use Home Hub to find and apply.