Come to our free community event!

Thursday 29th July

PCYC – 34 Paget St, Hilton

4.30pm to 7.30pm

Auslan interpreter present

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We encourage you to attend early so that you can be a part of the Welcome to Country by Marie Taylor. If you need to come after work, you can drop in any time. 

CONTACT: Email with any questions, and I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly.

Auslan interpreters provided, venue and toilets are wheelchair accessible, ACROD parking directly out front. 

Parking lot out the front, additional street parking on Paget Street and Rennie Crescent. 

Warm food and chai will be provided free of charge.

What’s the rundown?

Speakers will give a quick summary of their topic on stage. They will then move to a workshop table. After hearing a summary, you can decide which topic interests you the most, and join a workshop table with your favourite speaker to learn more or access their service.

We have split up presentations, and Q&A’s into workshop groups so that you can tune in to the conversations that matter to you the most, and spend time speaking to the people and services that you would most like to engage with.

Event speakers

The following speakers and organisations will be attending or providing info at the event. 

  • Marie Taylor – Welcome to Country.

A discussion about the issues we are seeing and what community service providers are doing to help

  • Iain Shields from Home Hub to discuss the housing continuum.
  • Leigh from Imagined Futures – Why Imagined Futures exists, and what they do to connect organisations.
  • Brad Pettitt, former Mayor of Fremantle, current Green’s Member for WA State Parliament will talk about the loss of social and affordable housing over the time he was the Mayor of Fremantle.
  • Andrew Joske, State Manager of The Big Issue will discuss their Working Women’s Group and their housing needs. He will also talk about where there are big gaps in our current housing system.
  • Gayle Mitchell from Uniting WA will talk about Uniting’s housing options, and homelessness.
  • Esther Deng from CARAD will discuss the housing needs of asylum seekers and refugees, and offer ways that community members may be able to help.

Solutions focused
Accessing affordable rental housing pathways & tenant help

  • Tana Garnett from Pinakarri will discuss the different levels of community, and the importance of communication as a landlord, tenant, and in a co-living environment, as well as experience living in a co-op.
  • Hayden Groves and his team from Dethridge Groves will offer tips for tenants on rental applications and discuss housing supply.
  • Natalie Sangalli and Leah Watkins from Housing Choices Western Australia, to speak about accessing community housing.
  • James Butterworth to represent Red Earth Property group, an Aboriginal owned and controlled organisation supporting Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families.  Currently operating out of the Kimberley, Perth and MidWest regions, Red Earth is also a licensed Real Estate Agent and an accredited NDIS Disability Accommodation provider.  
  • Alexander Wittkuhn, Tenant Advocate at Circle Green, will present on Circle Green’s housing-related services,  tenants’ rights and accessing legal help.

Buying affordable housing

  • Sandii McManus from Nectar Mortgages will discuss the first home loan deposit scheme for buyers looking for housing options, as well as refinancing tips.
  • Joe Bonarrigo from Keystart will present information about Keystart’s shared equity and low deposit home loans, as well as their Aboriginal Home Ownership Scheme.

Investing in innovative housing solutions:
Granny flats, tiny homes, sustainability, accessibility and community living.

  • Melinda Marshall from Co Operation housing, David Beyer from Active Sustainability and Matt Wallwork from Ecotecture 

Melinda from Co-operation housing, Matt from Ecotecture and David from Active Sustainability will join up to present information about – Co-operation housing and their projects, how to get into a co-op, cost analysis for a tiny house or small dwelling, as well as the savings over several years when building with sustainability principles in mind.

Small house typologies – Development and design opportunities, passive solar architecture, and affordable housing developments with sustainable principles.

Disability and accessible housing standards, silver standards and why it’s so important to increase accessible housing supply.

  • Hayden Groves and his team from Dethridge Groves will also provide information about incentives for downsizing, and an appraisal of a small dwelling, including rental yield as well as cost of purchase around Freo and Cockburn.
  • Neil Manning from Medical Development Investment Solutions will discuss the substantial increasing demand for disability accommodation across Australia, and challenges caused by significant trade shortages following the Grants offered by the Government, and shortfalls in the minimum building standards under the NDIS scheme. MDIS creates accommodation and investment opportunities that are more in alignment with the wants & needs of the people living in the home as well as their carers. Their homes have improved livability and are overengineered based on feedback from people living in their homes to make the accommodation as future proof as possible.
  • Andrew Davis, and Callum Wilson, strategic planners from City of Cockburn will deliver a presentation about what the City of Cockburn is up to, what’s occurring with Planning in Perth (changes to the planning framework) and what can typically be done at residential properties (granny flats, subdivisions, etc.). 

Callum will facilitate a workshop, where he can show community members basic information about their property – zoning, lot sizes, development constraints, and discuss potential development opportunities.

Workshop tables

Sit down and have a chat! All of the above speakers will have a table, and they will be joined by the following contributors:

  • Pav – Tiny house builder, designer and storage solutions expert to provide information to community members who are interested. Pav used to design super yachts and has excellent knowledge in optimising space to create functional storage solutions.
  • Sonia from Library Connect program, a partnership between the City of Fremantle and St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, will offer support to vulnerable people who may need assistance connecting to the right services. Attendees can ask for help. 
  • Georgie Ogilvie, Financial Councillor from City of Cockburn will provide information about their services as well as offer some advice for people who need financial help.  
  • Daisy Ashworth from Mortgage Mates will provide information about how you can team up with another person to buy a property.

Come along if…

  • You would like to know more about the housing crisis.
  • You need help connecting with affordable housing, and would like tips for housing applications.
  • You want to know more about financial assistance or other services that may be available to you.
  • You would like to learn about or connect with Government, Social, Community and Aboriginal Housing.
  • You’re interested in buying a home and want to know how you can be helped with grants, low deposit mortgages and shared equity loans.
  • You have thought about subdividing, building a granny flat or small dwelling and would like to know if you can do it on your block.
  • You would like a cost analysis of subdividing, building a small dwelling or granny flat, and renting it out.
  • You’re interested in sustainability, and want to know how creating sustainable homes can help you save.
  • You’re interested in finding out about Co-operative housing.
  • You would like to learn about how good communication can create positive co-living and landlord, tenant relationships.
  • You want to understand new investment opportunities around accessible housing as well as the importance of creating better accessible housing within the community, and new building requirements. 
  • You would like to learn about downsizing incentives.
  • You want to hear how other people are supplementing their income by renting out a room or building a granny flat.

You are a concerned community member and would like to know who is most affected by the crisis, and learn about productive ways you can help.

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