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Come to our free community event in Kwinana!

Thursday 30th June 2022

Ken Jackman Hall @ Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre, Robbos Way, Kwinana Town Centre, WA, 6167

4.00pm to 6.30pm


We encourage you to attend early so that you can be a part of the Welcome to Country. If you need to come later, you can drop in any time.

CONTACT: Email with any questions, and I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly.

Venue and toilets are wheelchair accessible, ACROD parking are available. 

Drinks and snacks will be provided free of charge.

Benefits – Why Attend?

This workshop is funded by the City of Kwinana, and hosted by Home Hub.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a community-led space where local people, businesses and the broader community can be creative and optimistic in scoping a Local Housing Plan to improve the housing futures of Kwinana and Rockingham residents and communities.

To help us develop a plan, we’ll go on a collective and shared journey of further defining and scoping;

  • What solutions might be in the local plan that meet the local needs and/or aspirations?
  • When might we progress them – ‘now’, ‘next’ or in the ‘future’?
  • Who might see opportunities and benefits in adopting roles and responsibilities in the design, delivery and/or evaluation of potential solutions?
  • How might we begin to take the plan forward into an implementation phase – what resourcing might we need right now, and what funding pathways and options might we consider to help ‘kickstart’ local solutions?

Together we’re stronger, so join us and participate in the opportunity to create a community plan that aims to reduce and prevent housing stress and homelessness.

Who Should Attend?

It doesn’t matter whether you come in a personal and/or a professional capacity, we’re looking for the whole community to come together to contribute towards the Local Housing Plan.

All residents, businesses (community and not-for-profit, government and for-profit) and the broader community are welcome to join us. We’d encourage anyone and everyone from across Kwinana and Rockingham to come together and explore individual and shared opportunities and ideas for an improved local housing system.

And why come on your own when you could consider;

  • Bringing 3 people that you know – your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc.
  • Inviting your personal and professional networks – make this an opportunity to connect or reconnect with people from your life. They may be people that you know well but haven’t seen for a little while, or someone such as you’re local barista that you see often and think that it’d be nice to invite them to something and/or get to know them a little better!


Background – Tackling the Housing Crisis in Rockingham

We know that the housing crisis is affecting the people, businesses and community wellbeing of communities across Kwinana and Rockingham – less affordable housing options and an increasing number of people and families in need, means that our community is suffering in lots of ways.

WA has an affordable housing crisis. Over 194,000 people need affordable housing and the number is growing fast. Yet there’s less than 1% of all private rental homes in the Perth Metro area that are vacant, and even fewer are vacant in some regional communities.

The likelihood is that you’ll know someone facing housing stress and the need for affordable housing (often for the first time ever) – they’re likely to be in your family and friendship networks, they’re at work either as your colleagues and/or your clients, they’re at the school drop-off and pick-up, they’re living in your neighbourhood, and/or you may be experiencing or have experienced the housing crisis yourself. These are people living, working and playing amongst us all everyday in our local communities.

That’s why all residents, businesses and the broader community are encouraged to come to this exciting and engaging community workshop, and capture the diverse range of voices and perspectives on how we can be the first area in Australia (and even the world) to have a community-led Local Housing Plan that strengthens Kwinana and Rockingham as thriving places to live, work and play.

How Many People Can Attend?

Due to COVID-19 and room capacity restrictions, it’s important that you RSVP in advance for this event where possible.

Don’t miss out on this workshop – if your gut feeling was to be involved then RSVP now!



Venue is wheelchair accessible including access pathways, toilets and doorways. Marked accessible parking bays are located at the venue.

If you have any other accessibility requirements that would assist you in participating in this workshop, please note them in the registration form and a workshop organiser will contact you to discuss your requirements further.


Hosted by

Housing the Community – Kwinana and Rockingham is a workshop funded by the City of Kwinana, and hosted by Perth-based not-for-profit and charitable organisation Home Hub.

Come along if…

  • You would like to know more about the housing crisis and how it’s affecting Rockingham.
  • You’re interested in developing, building, managing, investing-in or living-in affordable housing solutions.
  • You’re interested in how we can build relationships, networks and solutions that help connect people, businesses and services (support) that help to reduce and prevent housing stress – keeping people in their homes, ensuring housing is affordable, and working better together.
  • You’re interested in finance and creative financial modelling for affordable housing, including subsidies, bonds and other innovative financial solutions for affordable housing.
  • You’re able to provide skills, experiences and/or a passion into Government, Social, Community and Aboriginal Housing.
  • You’re interested in considering shared equity and homeownership innovation, and can offer help with solutions around buying a home, with existing and/or new grants, low deposit mortgages and shared equity loans.
  • You would like to explore the potential for innovative land and building solutions i.e., a local model for cost analyses of subdividing, building a small dwelling or granny flat, and renting it out to local people as affordable living.
  • You’re interested in sustainability, and want to know how creating sustainable homes can help you save, and help others to have an affordable home.
  • You’re interested in designing and developing housing models and systems i.e. co-operative housing, co-living, co-ownership etc.
  • You would like to explore how to spark, nurture and sustain tenancies through good communication can create positive co-living and landlord, tenant relationships.
  • You want to explore new investment opportunities around accessible housing as well as the importance of creating better accessible housing within the community, and new building requirements. 
  • You would like to explore downsizing incentives and options.
  • You want to be in a room full of local people and businesses that are working together to offer solutions to the local housing crisis.

You are a concerned community member and would like to know who is most affected by the crisis, and learn about productive ways you can help.

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