City of Perth Partners with Homes for Good by Home Hub

Home Hub is pleased to announce that it’s the first recipient of the City of Perth’s Quick Response Grant.

Homes for Good in the City of Perth

Home Hub’s new initiative, Homes for Good aims to access and match some of the 500 empty rental homes in the City of Perth area, with a range of ethical providers (housing and support services), who are working with individuals and families who need access to safe and affordable housing.

Appealing to owners and agents of rental homes in the City of Perth, using Homes for Good means owners and agents can advertise in their normal ways, but could also use Homes for Good to compliment their search to find a long-term tenant. Homes for Good provides owners and agents with the opportunity to gain a financial and social benefit by using their empty homes ‘for good’.

Iain Shields, the Founding Director of Home Hub said “Homes for Good is helping to create immediate impact by both enabling a housing first approach, an internationally recognised housing approach that helps to quickly house people with the appropriate and relevant supports to sustain housing, as well as providing long-term housing for people who may just need a home and not much support”.

Who needs a home?

Despite there being over 200,000 empty homes in WA, the lack of access to safe and affordable homes is a crisis for WA services, who support over 60,000 households in housing need. With crisis accommodation including family and domestic violence refuges, and homelessness accommodation full to the brim, there is literally nowhere for services to support people who need safe and affordable homes.

Iain Shields said “With the social and financial challenges that COVID-19 has forced us as communities to confront, we want all homeowners, landlords, holiday rental owners, and agencies to know that we can offer ways to help you. By matching you quickly with fellow ethical providers who can use your home for good, we’re providing the opportunities for the first time to both protect your income and your home, while working with local partners doing great work with people in need. The bonus is that you get to support individuals and families in your community, who need your help to find a safe and affordable place to call home”.

Homes for Good is inclusive of all people who need access to homes including but not limited to;

  • over 12,000 seniors and older Australians in housing stress and poverty;
  • the growing numbers of individuals and families fleeing family and domestic violence each year;
  • 20% of our population (1 in 5 people) that are people with disability; and
  • low income families that find the private rental market unaffordable despite being in employment.

The Homes for Good initiative is a necessary solution to reduce and avoid hardship for all homeowners and all households in need, that simply want to share and access empty homes as safe and affordable places to belong.

Find out more

To find out more about how you can use your empty home for good, or to be involved in Homes for Good, please go to the Home Hub or email the Home Hub at

Read the City of Perth media release here – City of Perth Media Release